For many years, if you were even contemplating getting a butt enhancement via butt enhancement cream or, more drastically, through buttock augmentation, also known as the ‘Brazilian butt lift.’ However, to achieve this, you were, of course, talking about plastic surgery.  Not too long ago, other than ‘fat grafting’ of the fat cells, visiting a plastic surgeonfor buttock implants was the only procedure available to enhance your natural booty besides exercise.

But in today’s technologically and scientifically advanced age, we are seeing some pretty amazing things in the buttock enhancement world.

It’s really no secret that having a bigger booty is on trend right now. From celebrities to the girl at the grocery store check out, you can’t help but see a plumper booty everywhere you turn. Thanks to celebrities like J.Lo and the Kardashians, bigger butts have taken on a positive meaning rather than a negative one.

This is all great news for girls who were blessed with a naturally large booty. But about the rest of us who weren’t born with such voluptuous curves? How can we get the perfect booty without going under the knife?

There are natural remedies on the market that are aimed at helping you enhance your booty’s measurements without harsh chemicals. But one particular butt enhancement treatment that is taking the surgical world by storm is non-surgical butt lifts.

That’s right. You can have a butt lift without having to even put on an anesthesia breathing mask! In fact, almost everyplastic surgeonis saying that the buttock lift or ‘butt lifts’ are the new plastic surgery for the enhancement of the buttocks. These non-surgical procedures are blowing up and for a very good reason.

Reasons to Choose Non-Surgical Butt Lifts vs. Plastic Surgery

  1. Obviously, the number one reason to choose a non-surgical butt lift vs. plastic surgery is the fact that you do not have to go under anesthesia. While doctors are trained and skilled in their profession, complications can always rise unexpectedly.

The less often you subject yourself to surgery and going under, the more likely you are to never experience surgical complications (because you won’t be having surgery…).

  1. When you choose the non-surgical butt lift route, you will need very little recovery time. In fact, these butt lifts may leave you a bit sore at the injection sites, but they will not require you to stay inactive for days or weeks at a time! You can be up and moving about within an hour of the butt lift procedure.
  2. It’s sometimes painfully obvious when someone has had a surgical butt lift, isn’t it? One day you see them with nothing to fill out their jeans and the next time you see them their jeans are bursting at the seams. You can obviously not say that the butt was enhanced overnight by natural causes. Therefore, the only logical explanation is that they had surgery.

Pretty Part

Non-surgical butt lifts are great at enhancing the booty a little over time in as natural of a progression as possible. The injections work to give your butt a natural inflammatory response that creates fresh collagen and scar tissue. This is what gives your butt the plumper effect you want.

The Not-So-Pretty Part

Non-surgical butt lifts like the Brazilian butt lift, aren’t the cure-all to butt lifts, but they are a great option that requires no surgery.

However, as with anything foreign that you put in your body, there are a couple of risks. One, you may develop an infection. Anytime a foreign substance enters the body, there is a chance the body will not react well to the substance. This is nature’s way of saying your body cannot handle whatever it is. Pay attention to your body! An infection and be costly (both financially and with your life), so it is important to pay close attention to how your body reacts.

Two, there is a small risk of developing lumps underneath your skin or fat layers from the injection. This substance cannot be broken in the body as easily, which can sometimes cause your booty to develop a lumpy appearance. Of course, this is not desirable and can be quite embarrassing. If this does happen, you can either remove with surgery or let it smooth out on its own as the injectable fades away over time (within 2 years or so).

As with anything, you are subjecting yourself to the chance that something negative may occur. However, the negatives of non-surgical butt implants certainly outweigh any negatives surgical butt lifts may bring to the table.

Maybe you’re ready to take the plunge and start pumping up your booty now! A non-surgical butt lift is a great option that will give you the natural shape and contour a booty should have without the risks of going under the knife!

Whatever it is you’re after, there’s a way to get close to your desired results! A non-surgical butt lift is just one of the many ways you can achieve your dream booty!

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